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San Diego Food Not Lawns is a grassroots group based in San Diego, California (USA) and focused on "cultivating an edible future" and working together to offer information, facilitate communication, and otherwise act and effect local change regarding a variety of food and land related issues. These include food security; sustainable agriculture; GE's (genetically engineered) and commercial food production; environmental and social justice; farm workers and border issues; land access; water; reducing our ecological footprint; feeding the hungry; reclaiming space; and certainly, creating local food systems.

Media coverage...

  • KPBS "These Days" ~ San Diegans Find Benefits in Growing Their Own Food (Paul Maschka on 5/22/08)
  • Commons Dreams ~ 3/28/07 (CFJ Conference - and see the IPS link for a photo also!)
  • Downtown News ~ PDF from 3/1/07 issue (Cultivating Food Justice Conference)
  • Full Focus on KPBS ~ 3/1/07 video
  • City Beat ~ 8/2/06 (Eat In, Act Out Week)*
  • North County Times ~ 7/20/06 (Eat In, Act Out Week)*
  • San Diego Union-Tribune ~ 7/29/06 (Eat In, Act Out Week)*

    * In these articles, San Diego Roots is mentioned instead of Food Not Lawns because they kindly hosted our event info online before we had any website. Plus, some of their members are also active in our group. Perhaps you'd be interested in learning about them at:

Photos and more...

  • Photos from various SDFNL events (Mariah Gayler)
  • Blog on Canning 7/30/07, plus photos (Dennis Stein, Kitchen is our Playground)
  • Blog on Canning 7/30/07 (Kim Stewart, Honeyed Words)
  • Blog on "Eat In, Act Out" 2007 (maiapapaya)

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