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It takes 42 inches of rain per year to keep a lawn green and lush. San Diego gets about 10 inches of rain per year.
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RT @sdcfjc: Barry and Raj keynote videos now on the site! http://sdcfjc.org/workshops.php
05-14-10 @ 05:55pm
Food series continues @ Nat. His. Museum tonight, 6:30pm, $5. See Jonathan Reinbold and others discuss SD foodshed. http://cot.ag/HqjDT
05-04-10 @ 11:51am
RT @sdcfjc: Read a portion of Raj Patel's keynote address (transcribed with links) courtesy of Jill Richardson http://cot.ag/a45ygZ
04-26-10 @ 04:34pm
If you haven't registered for the Cultivating Food Justice Conference yet, please take a minute to do so now: http://sdcfjc.org/ It's FREE!
04-17-10 @ 03:58pm
Our monthly potluck is scheduled for April 20th @ 6pm and will be in the Talmadge area. RSVP for the address: http://cot.ag/cylL4a
04-12-10 @ 11:45am
150 registered for the Cultivating Food Justice Conference in the first 10 days! Have you registered yet? It's FREE! http://sdcfjc.org
04-10-10 @ 11:04am
Workshops and schedule have been posted for the Cultivating Food Justice Conference: http://cot.ag/a4EdyP
04-07-10 @ 06:48pm
Registraion is now open for the Cultivating Food Justice Conference: http://sdcfjc.org/ -- It's 100% free (food, child activities, music)
04-02-10 @ 03:57pm
FREE screening of Food Inc. tonight (Mar 29) at 6:30pm @ San Diego Public Library 820 E Street. Auditorium (third floor)
03-29-10 @ 12:48pm
Food Justice Town Hall tonight at SDSU Hepner Hall Room 214. 5-7pm. Free parking and refreshments. http://cot.ag/aY7fJH
03-22-10 @ 02:44pm
Don't forget about the edible bike tour on Sunday! Meet up at World Beat Center at 10am, rain or shine!
03-05-10 @ 06:57pm
Want community gardens? Show up today at 3:15pm 12th Floor, City Administration Building. 202 C And sign this: http://cot.ag/aeGXfb
03-03-10 @ 10:40am
Edible Bike Tour: Mar 7, 10-2 - Visit 6 gardens, one with chickens, one with tilapia, meet at World Beat Center @ 10a - http://cot.ag/dy08QZ
02-26-10 @ 03:46pm
Just posted some arugula up for grabs on veggie trader: http://cot.ag/9Ui1o8
02-15-10 @ 01:02pm
Free workshop. Learn how to propagate fruit trees and take home your own fig tree. Saturday, Jan 16 @ noon, 3850 Westgate Pl., 92105.
01-02-10 @ 04:04pm
@hotcarlm Just plant in the flat ground? Why the need for raised beds?
12-04-09 @ 12:33am
@hotcarlm I heard RR ties are toxic. What are you using them for?
12-01-09 @ 11:53pm
Reminder: the next CFJC planning meeting is tomorrow at San Diego Desserts. Join the Google Group to stay in the loop http://bit.ly/SzMwT
11-10-09 @ 05:10pm
Monthly La Milpa potluck cancelled this month. JR Organics hosting instead. Sat Nov 21, 4-9pm, address on website http://bit.ly/30UH4g
11-09-09 @ 03:51pm
Amazing dinner to benefit the 2010 Cultivating Food Justice Conf at SDSU is next week. Only a couple spots left! RSVP http://bit.ly/1gcT6l
11-09-09 @ 11:30am
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Backyard Farmers
This program is one of San Diego Food Not Lawns key initiatives. The program allows gardeners and students to monetize surplus produce by bringing it to the City Heights Farmers' Market where a representative will sell your produce for you and give you 80% of the proceeds. To qualify for this program, the grower needs to go through a simple garden inspection performed by one of our members. This inspection is to ensure that the gardener is using organic growing methods and to determine what sorts of produce we can expect you to bring to market and how frequently. If you're interested in participating in this program as a grower or as a volunteer, please use our contact form.