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CULTIVATING FOOD JUSTICE: Growing a Local Movement
Cultivar Justicia Alimenticia: Creciendo un Movimiento Local

Sat. March 3rd, 2007 ~ City College, Downtown (en el centro)

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Thank you for participating in Cultivating Food Justice. Your feedback will be used to assess the effectiveness of the conference. Please choose the numbers that best represent your rating and write your comments in the other areas.
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Subject or content was well chosen Presenter was knowledgeable & enjoyable It lasted the right amount of time It was well-organized & facilities were good I gained new ideas & insights I would recommend a future event to others Other: Comments: Opening Speaker: Michelle Simon Tables Keynote Other Overall 1. How did you first hear about the conference? Internet (what site?) / Flyer (where?) / Friend / Other: 2. What were your most and least favorite parts and why? 3. Were you satisfied with the food (lunch and/or dinner)? If not, why? 4. What did you hope to gain from the conference and did it live up to your expectations? 5. I am interested in the following issues... Gardening: urban / schools / other Food Security & Justice Food, other: Water Land: urban / rural / other Farming: people / land / other Community (creating, connecting, etc) Globalization Sustainability & Permaculture GEs (genetic engineering) Ecological Footprint Social Change or Policy Other:
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