Did you know?
It takes 42 inches of rain per year to keep a lawn green and lush. San Diego gets about 10 inches of rain per year.
Bermuda Grass Requirement Source
San Diego Rainfall Source
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Who we are
San Diego Food Not Lawns is a food justice organization committed to addressing problems in the food system with creative solutions. To learn more, please see our About page.
What we do
Typically we offer hands-on workshops, potlucks with guest speakers, films, bike tours, and resource swaps (food, seed, tools). We also announce actions that need your attention, support the work of other food justice organizations, and continuously adapt to changing needs of our community and situations in the food system. As new issues or unmet needs are identified, we strive to create new programs that address them -- such as Backyard Farmers (sell excess garden produce) and Harvesting San Diego (gleaning to give excess produce to needy). Visit our programs page to learn more.

Our current activities are focused around 3 collaborations:
  • Cultivating Food Justice
  • San Diego 1 in 10 Coalition
  • San Diego Peace Garden
How you can help
We're always looking for people interested in fixing the food system. If you're ready to get involved, the first step is to come to one of our social potlucks (check the calendar for next date). Talk to one of the core members at the potluck about getting involved and what you're really interested in (an existing program or starting a new one?!). Then come to a core meeting and meet the rest of the team. We have no elected leaders or hierarchy. Anyone that's ready to spend time working together is welcome to become a core member.
Learn more
We're always adding to our list of resources of recommended books, local companies and organizations, and general food justice information.