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It usually takes less water to grow a vegetable garden and fruit trees than grass. You can eat vegetables and fruit, but unless you have sheep, nothing is going to eat your grass.
Vegetable vs. Grass Water Requirements
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Note: All resources are in no particular order

Yard/Garden sharing/swapping tools

Shared Earth has a few listings for San Diego already!

Yard Sharing based out of Portland but can be used for listings anywhere.

Y2G.org newer site, no San Diego listings as of 11/29/10


Recipe For America by Jill Richardson

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

Services and Organizations

Victory Gardens San Diego Garden installations and lawn conversions

Senior Gleaners group of 55+ aged men and women who harvest fruit and give it to the poor, elderly and disabled (website is down sometimes)

Slow Food Urban San Diego Advocates local, seasonal and sustainable food production and consumption

San Diego Roots, Sustainable Food Project "to strengthen the local food movement in the San Diego region and to create a sustainable urban-rural partnership that brings healthy local food to our communities and sustains the working landscapes and people that feed us"

Food Not Bombs dedicated to providing free food to the hungry

California Rare Fruit Growers Advocates growing edibles (fruit trees) instead of traditional, ornamental trees in landscapes and public spaces

Community Farms & Gardens Promotes and establishes new and existing Community Gardens

Activist San Diego Hub for progressive organizations and people in San Diego

International Rescue Committee helps refugees acclimate to their new country and fights for food security and health for their constituents

Veggie Trader a free resource for bringing good food and good people together. Use this site to find neighbors to swap with or sell your excess produce to. Even if you don't have a garden, you can find local food near you.

Seed Companies

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Big John's Garden (shallots and garlic)

Irish Eyes Garden Seeds

Lonesome Whistle Farm

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Great Harvest Organics

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Articles To Read
Specific to San Diego area

Events aim to focus attention on locally grown foods (NCTimes, July 2006 -- mentions our '06 Eat In, Act Out Week)

Organic Gardens vs. Chem-Fed Lawns (from Inter Press Service and archived on CommonDreams 3/28/07 -- mentions our 3/3 conference, with photo!)

Local food makes a global impact: The case for shopping locally (NCTimes, Dec 2004)

'Urban farm' will go up on city land (SD Union-Tribune, July 30, 2007)

California, National, and more

A Farm on Every Corner? (East Bay Express, 2005-11-16)

Brewing behemoth sneaks into organics (SFGate, Mar 2006)

Chews Wisely: Local or organic? It's a false choice (Grist, Mar 2006)

E.coli outbreak is another reason to buy food locally (Press-Citizen, Sept 2006)

Farming the Conrete Jungle (In These Times, Aug 2007)

Grist: Victual Reality (online weekly food column)

The oil in your oatmeal: A lot of fossil fuel goes into producing, packaging and shipping our breakfast (SFGate, Mar 2006)

Time to become a "locavore" (Seattle Times, Oct 2006)

West Oakland Gets Fresh (Yes Magazine, Summer 2005)

Cool season crops (Camp Stevens presentation, Oct 2009)